Here in Denver, CO, you have to pay for each plastic bag you need to walk out of the grocery. So-o-o-o I have a special order from Jenn to make a Market Bag. It will be similar to the large denim bag I made this summer, but will have a flat base about 3 inches deep, then be every bit as tall and wide with large wide straps, This one is about 16" high and maybe 15" wide with no base, just a big deep bag that holds a laptop a three-ring binder and variety of samples for the distributor. It could be a market bag also.

The newest addition will be in a color called Harvest from Patons. The finished piece will have the triangles that form from the short striping effect of the yarn, and large bands of RED, LIME GREEN and PURPLE. Awesome colors, getting started now.
VERY IMPORTANT: Knit the entire project holding two strands of yarn together.
(unless you go with size 5 bulky yarn rather than the suggested size 4 merino wool).
Here's the basic pattern, Circular needles size 13, Patons Classic Wool, (2) Harvest (1) Red, (1) Green (1) Purple
Cast on 80, slip the first stitch (with yarn held in front) in each row and knit all remaining stitches. The base will be about 3 inches, so once there is a 4 inch (allowing for shrinkage in felting process) base, pick up and knit a stitch in each of the end "slipped" stitches, your count may be different than mine, and pick up and knit a stitch in each of the 80 cast on stitches, then pick up and knit the same number of "slipped" stitches on the other end of the base, you now have 160 stitches plus the number of stitches on each end. Now knit in the round on your circular needles.
The height will shrink more than the width. Nearly 1/3 of the project so keep knitting away. It will look 1/3 longer than it is wide when you are ready to cast off and make your straps. Cast on 11 k1,p1 every row, until the straps (make two) are 1/3 longer than the desired finished length.
Sew on straps, felt. I know this is basic enough, but if you have questions on any of this, COMMENT!!

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