Public Bathrooms and Road Construction

Well, traveling over 5,000 miles on my motorcycle has certainly given me pause ... I'm pretty well an expert on my preference for public bathrooms, and the highways in the U.S. are in somewhat poor shape.

Let's start with bathrooms. First of all, once I've ridden my motorcycle over 100 miles I'm ready to use the bathroom and get some gatorade down me, walk around and stretch. Going into the available public bathroom always causes me a little anxiety. I'm not that much of a neat freak, but others before me, and those who maintain the building usually don't have cleanliness at the top of their list.

Today I'll just talk about the hilarious placement of toilet tissue dispensers. Unless the bathroom is new, there is always more than one toilet tissue dispenser. One or two broken ones and a newfangled one that is LOCKED, and usually empty or almost empty, with a roll of tissue on the back of the stool. The other day I was in a stall that actually had just enough room for a 4 year old, and the TP dispenser was one of those GIANT rolls but it was placed about 2 feet from the floor, there was not room for an arm to get down under the dispenser - reach up inside and pull paper down, once the paper was started on the roll it tore off in little 4" squares - one at a time, OK that's when I broke into the new GIANT roll that was on the cabinet behind me. No one could've used that dispenser, the toilet would have to be removed to open the case to refill the dispenser. I'm serious.

And whoever invented these little dispensers with tiny napkins???

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