I'm in the middle (2/3 done) of a Vest for a gift.

Actually is it a gift if the recipient buys the yarn and pattern?

I'm making a vest for Karen, she saw the pattern, bought the yarn and asked me to make it. This is the pattern, the blue yarn is Paton's Chunky Tweed. It is hand washable, 25% wool. It is a great yarn, thick, making a solid fibre piece of clothing. The dark color allows the tweed contrasting colors to pop.

The pattern is different as there are several variations to the patterns in the book, but each section of the item is in a different section in the book, i.e. front, back, trim, sizes, etc. Depending on whether it has sleeves or not, is long or short, has a collar or not, each section is highlighted so you can mix it up and design your own piece...this I like!! I'm about to do the trim on the second sleeve, then I have side seams, front trim and the collar and it is in the MAIL!!

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