Oh, BOO HOO, I didn't win the competition on my knit felt purse.

Well, my knit felt purse didn't make the final 10, but it is still in the works to be auctioned to help find housing for homeless in Indianapolis through the trusted mentors program.

Check it out.

The picture in my banner above is the purse I submitted.


If you go to the "Bags at the Gala" mine is 2nd Row on the left "Thelma Jane" is what I named it.

I designed it using black wool yarn two strands held together from the base up, then I tucked 10 rows to make the first ledge, changed colors, and tucked and decreased each set of rows. The handle is a two step process. The first is to make a wide strap, knit every row, the second is pick up each stitch along the length with a contrasting color knit first row, tuck next row to make the trim.

People attending the Gala will have the opportunity to buy my bag, and it will still be a contribution to the cause, so I'm honored to be included and proud of the designers that WON!!

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