Life In-Between - a Tough Post Today

Sometimes I post about knitting
or weaving
or being creative
or my silly fear of failure.

Sometimes I go a long time without posting at all.

Today I'm posting about "Life In-Between."

In-between projects, daily routine, motorcycle trips, church services, family visits, hooking-up with my sisters or friends.

All that stuff in-between the posts.

Today we're going to a funeral.

That speaks of all that is life! Love, family, pain, hopes, future, disappointments, breathing, eating, sleeping, planning, and sometimes shattered dreams.

Sydney Faye, the grand-daughter of a very special friend, the daughter of a very fine couple, the young man I've known since he was a pre-teen, and has become a great friend as an adult.

His baby girl was hoped for, carried nearly full-term by her sweet Mommy, then stillborn last week. My heart aches, it's so heavy for this couple. I think of all the plans, in their minds, in their home, in the extended family, a future forever altered, their "New Normal" that won't feel Normal for a long time. Friends and family learning how to reach in and touch the pain to ease it.


A song that rolls through my head a lot, one that was sung at my Brother-in-Laws funeral in January, helps me get a grip.

"Blessed be the Name of the Lord, ... He gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say, Blessed be the Name." The scripture is Job 1:21

I'm so thankful I have a God who cares, comforts and makes Himself known in times like these.

We are praying for you Larry and Stephanie, Larry and Linda, Becky and Aaron ... Daniel ... Clayton and Mary Lou ... You are all so special to us.

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