OK so I didn't win the competition, but I won a designer bag!


Ok, so, you submit a designer bag of your own creation to this competition called Bags 2 Riches, which is a fundraiser for sheltering and mentoring homeless people in Indianapolis. Trusted Mentors.

You pay a small fee, fill out an application, give your design a name and submit it, then if your bag is chosen in the top 10 your bag gets to go down the fashion show runway at a huge GALA and the final votes come in and walla!!

I didn't win.

I wasn't even in the top 10, and I don't even know if my bag SOLD at the Gala, but I know I contributed to a wonderful cause, and supported some great volunteers in this effort. Next year - WATCH OUT!

But, I got a call today.

I was a good sport, and knew I missed the top 10, so I voted on a beautiful fabric bag, and GUESS WHAT!!

I won the bag that I voted on. Oh, my goodness, I was just hoping the bag would win, I didn't expect to end up with the bag. Too neat.

I can't see it or lay my hands on it till around March 2010, because it has to travel to California for a photo shoot, and be marketed and shown off and all that stuff, but I'm a winner!!

That's what counts!!

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