Denim Sparkle - That's the name of this Knit Felt Purse

This is my design. I'm excited about the bases I'm putting on my purses. They stand so nice, on their own. I found this clay star at the Talbot Square Art Show this spring and that was my inspiration. I've made several that are totally different and unique, but this is my first purse with a drawstring. It's cute when the straps are pulled tight.

Yep, this bag is for sale.

Check out the store at www.bigsis2.etsy.com

I added a strap to another one today, but I still need to needle felt as special design on the front.

A Peek at the Bottom "Base" of the purse - clever.

oh, yeah, a pic of the purse (not just parts)

More creations on the way!!

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