Whether Weather or Not!

Riding a motorcycle across country with an organization like Run For The Wall is complicated by the weather. It's funny to us when people ask, "but what do you do when it rains?"

When it rains - we get very wet!!

What if you get into a major storm? - well, someone in leadership makes the decision for us to get off the road, but in the 7 years we've done this cross country ride we only had one time that we didn't get back on the bikes after a lunch break in Kentucky. A major storm hit during lunch and we delayed our schedule to let the high winds pass. Heading East, from California to Washington D.C. across the center of the USA means if we hit rain today, we hit it tomorrow, because weather follows East to West, unless there is a unique front blowing it away from that path ...

Our life depends on the weather, every meal stop, every night stop, every gas stop, every major turn in direction, if it rains, has rained, is going to rain, you dress accordingly, ride accordingly, plan accordingly.

I'm thankful for my blackberry, I'm thankful for GPS and XM radio, and CB radios ... the weather channel.

Got my ears on, I'm wired, got my rain suit, heated riding jacket, and my cool vest (a vest you soak in water, and wear for temperatures over 90 degrees). We leave Los Angeles at 70 to 80 degrees, go through Needles, CA at over 100 degrees, and end the same day in Williams, Az where it will be under 40 degrees that same night. Quite a test of our endurance for sure.

WHY WHY WHY do I do this?

I'm so proud of America's troops and Veterans - THEY ARE MY REASON WHY!!

www.rftw.org Run For The Wall (my 7th year)

My husband is the leader of the Run (Central Route) this year, he's very humbled by the responsibility and dependent on all his volunteers who have stepped up to help get over 1000 riders across this great nation.

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