Great Retreat - I learned a lot about re-cycling.

My favorite quote from the weekend was during the ice-breaker, our assignment was to get to know another lady for a few minutes, then introduce her to the group, and to try to talk some about re-cycling, since the theme was Going Green for God. One introduction included a young Mom who said she is a good steward of water in her home - her kids never flush the toilet.

Got some great ideas about re-cycling, and wanted to share them for the next several days.

Carried my purses and purse knitting kits to the retreat, sold 2 purses and 2 kits, and met so many nice ladies. We had so much in common, it was very pleasant.

One item I presented this weekend was a wool sweater that I washed in HOT water before cutting off the sleeves. Once the sleeves were cut off, I knit a trim on the cut edge, and made arm warmers. Shopping at thrift, consignment, goodwill or salvation army stores buyint 100% wool and using the sleeves for arm warmers - great gifts next winter!!

Here's a neat article on that topic. It involves actually unraveling items you buy at a thrift store.


CraftStylish is a great web page.


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