Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Stomach Flu, Fluless!!

The absolute last thing we need is the FLU.

I have no desire to do the SOCIAL DISTANCING thing that the media is PROMOTING. BUT, today in a public bathroom, two ladies in their separate stalls were talking about how sick they've been, and one had a sore throat in that public place, and I'll admit I had a more than normal irritation about their conversation - washed my hands longer that the A-B-C's song too!!

I do not want to get the flu. I had severe dehydration probably from food poisoning last summer, and that's way sicker than I ever want to be again, but I can guarantee you, if I get sick, I'll do everything in my power to keep from giving it to anyone else, like I've done all of my __ years. Having to go to an in-service or disaster preparedness to teach myself how to sneeze into my sleeve or cover a cough is a little strange. PEOPLE - keep the flu to yourselves,

Teach your children well ... as children we were taught... Let's stop this flu. Individual responsibility. Goodness, we're about to ride motorcycles across this country, visit hospitals and schools, memorials and Veterans facilities all over this nation, if we all do our part, we can still be some comfort to each other, and stay well.

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