Reuseable Bags, Market Bags, Recycled Pop Bottles

I've actually seen bags made out of recycled pop bottles. They are kind of a strange material, but they hold a lot, and I suppose the ones I have will be around a lot of years. As I have bags that I have used and reused for years.

I've actually gotten rather irritated over the large collection of plastic grocery bags that I accumulate when I forget to carry my re-usable fabric bags to the grocery.

There's something about "baggers," people who bag groceries, these days. They only put 5 items in a plastic bag, sometimes it's 5 cans of can food, sometimes it's a bag of apples, a bag of cereal and three toiletry items, usually they're pretty good at keeping the bleach in a separate bag from the new dish towels or bananas, but that's about all the separation of items I get unless I separate them myself on the conveyor. Ever thought about how many times you handle the groceries you buy?

Off the shelf
Out of the cart
into the car
out of the car
into the cabinet
into the pan
into the trash

Should be in the grocery business.

And what about toys for the kiddos and all that packaging and plastic, and all the tools and human adult hands that it takes to open the packages - we have a running joke in our family that it takes at least one adult per child to help open packages on birthdays and Christmas. This is another topic for another day.

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