Rolling Yarn into a SKEIN

I just hate to get yarn untangled, but I also really dislike getting into the middle of a project and having to join new yarn, because I got impatient at the beginning of the project and cut the yarn, to get it untangled. I guess what bothers me most is the interruption of having stop momentum. I put myself under too much pressure to complete a project then take short cuts and pay and pay and pay for them by fixing my errors or figuring out a way to mask them. I really am making a huge effort to tear out and start over when I miss it!!

So, before I get started on a big project of dying my own wool, I'm going to undertake the project of putting the yarn in a SKEIN.

This blog has a cute tutorial on dying and skein-ing your own yarn.


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Suse said...

Hi, thanks for linking to my blog in your post on dyeing yarn! However, I would appreciate it if you would ask before using photos of mine in your blog. Thanks :)

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