A Super Item to Re-Cycle - Leave a Legacy

When our son got engaged, I looked around our house to find a gift for his future home. Girls have cedar chests that they use to store items for their dream homes. Our sons went off to college dorm rooms pretty much with a few posters and a small closet of clothes. They accumulated items for apartments along the way, but don't think their future home was in mind all those years, or if it was we moved so much our "clean-out for the move," squelched whatever plans they had.

I thought a lot today about family treasures I didn't save. But the one thing I thought of when son #1 left was our handmade quilt wedding present from 28 years before. When I saw it in a clear plastic storage bag on our closet shelf, I had a brilliant idea.

I took it to a friend. It was RATTY (that means, unraveling, worn, coming apart) in many places. I asked her if she could make 3 teddy bears with the best parts of this quilt.

When our son saw the one I gave him, his eyes got HUGE!! He said, "Mom, you cut up your bedspread." It had been in storage for years, because I realized after a lot of years use that I was ruining it by washing it and using it, I felt guilty because so much work had gone into it, so I stored it, probably at least 18 years. So his memory of this quilt was from very young. He reminded me it was always on our bed in all the homes we lived in, it was in his good memories of our life on the farm, it was in every home when he was young, where other furniture and belongings went by the wayside.

It meant a lot to him. I have it back now, it is falling apart even more, the other two, they ain't in the best shape???

One is for me, the other for our other son. I need to get in that closet and renew (Upcycle) them again don't I...closets have a way of keeping things out of sight, out of mind, but I also know shoulda's don't count!!

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