A call for another hug and kiss ... See Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!

We left Russ's birthday party with our grandkids, son and daughter-in-law last night.

Aven, our 2 year-old granddaughter, is nuts about her Papaw. We got in our car, they got in theirs, and Aven starting shouting to her Papaw from her car seat, that she needed another hug and kiss. None of us have ever seen him move quite that quickly. He had to say good-bye to Aven again. Aven & Russ have an awesome connection. It brings all of us great joy watching these two.

We say goodbye to family, make arrangements for all those things that may come up while we're gone, pack all that stuff we're sure we need on the road ... this is our lives year 'round.

But this week we're leaving for Run For The Wall which is the highlight of our year for the last 7 years. As family calls us back for another hug and kiss, it causes me to think of the friendships that mean so much to us who are calling us to CA, see you there my friends.


When we parted after Easter dinner Aven shouted, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!" It's quite surprising how verbal she is at 2, and we love it. When we part we are aware of the diversity of relationships and opinions, but we also know we are loved ... and are embraced by those who love us.

PS the photo is one our d-i-l posted on her blog awhile back. This is our oldest son, and youngest grandkid, for my readers who don't know. We are so proud of our family!

Prayers for safety, changed lives and our role and purpose to be revealed are greatly appreciated.


Andrea said...


Trey and I want to know what effect you put on that pic? It's really cool when you click on it!!

Be Safe! Have Fun!


M-I-L said...

PhotoShop elements dry brush under Filters/Artistic. Isn't it the greatest - the lighting in this photo Andrea looks professional. It's on my laptop desktop. You're an artist in so many ways, including photography. Thanks.

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