Today I really miss my friend.

She was a good listener. But she really didn't have patience for nonsense, so you had to think through what you would say when you told her your problems, because her response would be, "Get a life."

I suppose she earned that response. After years and years of hardship ministry to Haitians, returning to the States, home-schooling 3 kids, or sending them to private school and volunteering at the school, simply giving of herself day in and out, I think she did have a right to have strong opinions.

When we had a serious accident out of town, she came to my aid. Pushing my wheelchair was more of a amusement park ride than an assistance, and celebrating our anniversary with us, both in wheelchairs, in a patient visiting room of a hospital, giving us both gag gifts, she knew when and how to make me laugh. We cried together, too. Our hearts were broken and healed together, we cooked together, sorted used clothes for the mission, matched up pairs of shoes, photographed school kids, taught Vacation Bible School in Haiti, got Montezuma's Revenge together, washed and hung up clothes, worked puzzles, played cards, cared for babies, hugged on Moms and so much more.


Today when I was doing laundry, I came across a rag that had been a very small towel. I have four of these towels. Nona and I bought them at a Fishing Dock in Jupiter Florida. Our hubbies took us fishing and as soon as we were too far from shore to turn back, (chartered boat), I started getting sea sick, then Nona got sick. The little head (bathroom) on the boat was a no-paper toilet. We quickly filled the trash can in the room. We both were so sick, we all but shared that little closet. She got so bad the details would not serve a purpose, but when we got back to shore, she wanted to shower. The only towels in the Bait shop were little bait towels about 12" by 12" square. We bought 4 and I helped her into the shower. We'd be laughing today, remembering this event, but today when I pulled the towel from the dryer - (we've used them for rags for years) - I lost it.

NONA - girl - you left too soon. I love you. I know your children miss you, I know your hubby misses you, your friends, supporters, the Haitians.

Girlfriend, you were always there. I'm bummed.


lralph said...

Wow, that is an awesome post. It meant alot.

Larry Ralph Jr.

Article directory said...
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Wigs said...

This post try to remember me to miss my friend too.......thanks a lot....

lralph said...

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