CELL PHONES - How did we live without them.

Our cell phone service offers a feature called Backup Assistant. I've dropped phones in water, and hand keyed every phone number back into phones in the past. I knew about this feature, so today (having over 50 phone numbers to add for an upcoming event) I decided to backup the phone before I add all these names, which required new software on the phone.

9 AM I started the process.

The phone customer service helped me through the download software process. The process DELETED over all the phone numbers, over 90 numbers from the phone instead of backing them up. i spent many long periods of time on the phone with several people, with the final conclusion I need to reenter all those number (plus the 40 I said I would add for the hubby).

I planned on knitting today, maybe some tonight, I just re-typed 145 names and numbers into the cell phone. I'm not a happy camper.

I did knit and felt a nice case for my cell phone a while back.

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