Phoenix Windstorm, Micro Burst, Cement Blocks and my Motorcycle

Well, doggone, we knew there was a windstorm coming to Phoenix, we knew there were gusts coming, but we weren't prepared for flying cement blocks.

First of all we're in a camper, with a small awning - the first thing to rip to shreds in the wind last night, our lawn chairs and side tables tumbling across the yard where we're camped from wind gusts 50 to 60 mph, then the power goes out.

No problem, get the flashlight to go check the motorcycles stored under our 10' by 20' canopy, (Heavy Duty Industrial Canopy) held down by 12 cement blocks and heavy duty straps. The blocks are swaying in the wind. ??? Whoa -

OK move the 2 motorcycles between two buildings under a breezeway roof. Good idea! NOPE!! there goes our 10 x 20 canopy, cement blocks flying, falling busting, NO!! not my motorcycle.

Yep, one block landed right on the fiberglass saddle bag and broke it right off of the motorcycle. One blast of wind ripped my windsheild from back to front... the hubby saw it all happening and was dodging the cement blocks and flying metal poles, and out of control kite like canopy. I ran onto the scene with the flashlight, only to see cement blocks hanging over his bike from the breezeway roof. We had moved the motorcycles from the temporary canopy under a permanent roof, now our canopy in many parts was hanging from that very roof.

3 Cement blocks were on the roof of the building. Everything was held together by heavy duty straps, so he got out his pocket knife and started cutting the straps freeing pieces of metal, canopy and dangling blocks. The wind was so fierce that at one point I was holding my broken detached bike windshield in front of my face just to walk in it, it was blowing me down, but I couldn't see to walk otherwise. We ate and breathed a lot of dirt last night.

My bike is pitiful. I was so upset last night, but today, I'm dealing with it. We have insurance and it's all just stuff. But 3 weeks from now that bike has to be ready for a 6 week bike trip and will be packed and ready to go. Insurance, on-line orders, and an appointment with the dealership for last minute repairs ... I'm bummed.

There were so many times we had to get out of the way of FLYING CEMENT BLOCKS - I'm so thankful my husband is level headed in situations like this - I was a basket case. I came through it with a bruise on the side bone of my hand and one on my elbow - flying metal poles. Goodness - my heart needs a breather!

We were supposed to ride 200 miles to Kingman Az today, then take both bikes to Las Vegas tomorrow, back in Kingman Sunday and Phoenix Monday ... needless to say we are doing our trip in the truck.

They call these wind gusts Micro-Blasts - we think they should be macro - blasts or outlawed ... maybe Obama can get a bailout started for desert dust storms. TY State Farm - you really are there!


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Andrea said...

Wow....glad u guys r ok!!!!

That could have been VERY bad for more than ur motorcycles....

The kids say "HI!" (can you hear them? teehee)


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