Oh, No, The Wind Followed Us

Should've known when you get Easterly Winds and you travel East you're gonna get the same wind every day!! Today we passed a fire in the median, that had jumped from a grass fire on the westbound lane of Interstate 40 just East of Texas/Oklahoma State line, tonight it is a major fire in that area.

We are set up camp less than 8 miles WEST of a fire burning in OK right now. The wind is Due East and due to quit in a few hours. WILD

Good thing I got my hair cut into a windblown style - 1 good thing about wind.

Actually wind is most annoying. I get earaches (always have) even if it is hot outside and windy, then I get dizzy. So wind and I do not get along, and since the wind tore up my motorcycle a few weeks ago, see my March 27 post, I'm not very happy with it or it's power. BUT, I have no control over it, so I'll get over it or used to it, it's better than a tornado or hurricane, for sure.

Just venting. I finished a third purse today in the truck. I'm hoping to do 3 more in the next week or so, as I want to have several at different stages when I do the presentation for the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in May. Gotta get started on some i-cords. I want to felt these purses when I get home to my Washing machine, once I block them and dry them, they'll be ready to present!

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