Aspartame, Nutrasweet, and Nutrasweet (pink), and Sweet n Low

I have gotten in such a habit of sweetening my tea with Sweet n Low (pink pakcet - saccharin) and avoiding aspartame (the blue packet). I'm used to the taste, and use it to cut back on sugar, but absolutely cannot tolerate aspartame, which is now in gums, candy bars, (I'm not talking about sugar freed candy and gum, I'm talking about an ingredient in everyday stuff.)

My complaint tonight is that in a restaurant when I asked for the "Pink" sweet n low, the lady brought me pink packets, but when I read them they said "Nutrasweet Pink" "Contains no saccharin."

Good thing I read the packet, as when I have just a taste of aspartame I get severe headaches. They start at the back of my neck and move forward to my forehead and stay, and stay ... no headache pain like it. I'm sure some think I'm a little annoying over this pink, blue, diet, regular, reading ingredients, etc. But I don't like headaches, they kinda slow me down, like go to bed pull the shades, cover my head, hot towels on the forhead and Excedrin migraine medication, slowed down.

I've never seen an official paper on aspartame, all I know is how it effects me. I'm shocked Nutrasweet can come out with a pink packet PINK BELONGS TO SWEET N LOW!!

That's my rant for today!!

No, one other thing, I carry Sweet N low in my purse, because so many places have stopped carrying it, and it is my sweetner of choice. McDonald's for one!

OK next time, back to knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Some Sonics have started using it too! They don't know the difference. I'm taking my local Sonic a printed copy of an article about this deception today!

You can buy this poster.