I've finished another knitted felted purse.

This last purse I made with an oval base in a solid color, then I started up the sides with a circular needle in Soy Wool Stripes, the colors are light blue, shades of blue, mesa tan and shades of tan. The handles are wooden Beads on a wire shaped handle, attached with "belt loops" It is about 12" wide at the top and 8" wide at the base, about 10" high, so adorable. The natural colored wooden handles bring out the tan in the stripes. Pictures to come.
I have one computer bag and 4 purses ready to sell. They are going to the Mt.Olive Lutheran Church's Spring Ladies Retreat called "going green for God." I'm doing a workshop on my knit wool bags, and I'm excited to meet the ladies. I met two of them at an art/craft show at Christmas time, and was invited to set up at their retreat.

I'd love to knit something this tiny.
I'm hoping to finish several more projects in the next 7 days for demonstration (and for sale). My Etsy store http://www.etsy.bigsis2.com/ closes for vacation on April 30th, until mid-June. Gotta make more stuff, and will be traveling 6 weeks.

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