Spring is getting close, hope this hoodie wrap is done in time.

Sneak Peak at a work in progress. Can you hug a knitting project. Oh, I want to hug this one - with a certain little girl wrapped in it....can you tell I'm getting excited?

The hood is coming together nice! The seams have so much detail.

The back of this is as sweet as the front - the seams are my pride and joy, can't believe I'm joining pieces. Also the shoulder decreases to shape the little cape down the arms is a sweet touch. There is still a 1" trim that goes around the entire wrap, hood and all.

Above is a pic of the front, since it gets the 1" trim it doesn't have a finished look yet. I'm off to buy size 2 circular needles today - and PERFECT buttons.

Above is a picture of the front view along with the trim yarn.

I've been working on this little number now for about 8 weeks (off and on). I paused for a few trips to Little Rock, knit some felted clog slippers, and life in general causes some pauses.

My goal is to have this done in a few weeks - right before SPRING hits!!

This is the pattern pic, but, I'm not using Berroco yarn, (Shhhh!) or the colors that the pattern calls for, but I had a wonderful Yarn shop owner in Little Rock help me pick out the perfect yarns for this piece, she has a good eye for color and a good understanding of Yarn sizes!! Thank you Cindi. (I'm using ON-line Supersocke 100 Wellness-Color a German yarn (supewash) with Aloe! It is washable (IN COLD WATER) so it will be an easy care item.

Judy - knitting on pins and needles!

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