I Miss my M-I-L -

Today she would be 85. My mother-in-law was more than my husband's mother. She was my best friend. I could tell her anything, and she could listen with interest. She had incredible advice, and knew my hubby well enough to set him straight, in love. She was my advocate, too.
Mind you, I never had to tattle on him, she could see areas where he needed to step up, and she'd do the Mom thing, and he'd do the respect thing, and, walla. Of course this only happened some when we were much younger, and he's a great guy - don't get me wrong.

This is the 2nd birthday without her, and it still doesn't seem right. Not being able to pick up the phone and fill her in on big and little things going on with our travels, our kids and g-kids, what I'm knitting, etc. Bummer.

Anything I ever made, sewing, crafts, framing, ceramics, crochet, knitting, through the years, I ran it past her before it was gifted. Dog-gone-it ... I miss her.

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