Bailout American Dialect Society declares word of the year 2008


All the times I could've been bailed out.

I needed a bailout when I was 10 years old. I had all my cash $3.00 in a paper envelope. It was Saturday - the day we all had to clean our bedrooms. It was one of those scoop up everything and throw it in the trash burner at the alley, kinda days, we were in a hurry to go somewhere. My Dad always lit the fire in the canaster, right when he threw in the match, I remembered ALL OF MY HARD EARNED BABYSITTING MONEY was in there. I needed a BAILOUT!!

A bailout would've been nice when I filed US Taxes for the first time. One of my most embarasing moments ... the hubby was in Army Basic Training, I had the awesome duty to file our first taxes. Someone told me where the IRS Department was downtown Indianapolis. I filled out the forms, went to the IRS Department, sat on a bench outside the office (took a number) and waited to be called. My turn, I sat in a chair across from an agent, who looked at my paperwork, looked at me, looked again at the forms, and said, "Honey, you could have mailed this, it is already completed." It was April 15th, and I thought I had to personally go pay my taxes ... silly me (I was only 19), I needed a bailout, for being an idiot.

I got a surprise bailout - a few years back. I got a call from a former employer who said, "What do you want us to do with this investment, we're changing providers, and need you to sign the paperwork." My response was what investment? Turns out when I was employed there, I called it the job from downunder, but all along they were stashing away a fund for me. Well, that "bailout" afforded me my first motorcycle, which I use in full-time ministry now. Whew, good thing I didn't quit that job the 100 times I thought about it!!

I'm wishing everyone who really is in a fix because they cannot find a job, or were caught off-guard when the economy crashed, could find a good job and provide for their families. On the other hand, I'm hoping that each one who is struggling finds a balance with what seems important in life, and what is crucially important in life. When in fact we only get one chance at life and there ain't no BAILOUT when we breathe our last breath.

So I said all that to say this. I got the best bailout ever when I discovered that God has a plan for my life that includes a new lease on life itself. Living for a purpose, sharing what He did for me in the great scheme of things, and walking it out every day is the best bailout anyone could ever receive.

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