Self-Striping Yarn, Sock Yarn and Baby Clothes, Intarsia

Intarsia (just looks like a tangled mess to me, but I can see how it happens!)

Sometimes I start thinking Aven won't be a baby anymore when I get this cape done. My new Blog Photo (up on top) is a close-up of "Self-Striping" Yarn. I certainly am not patient enough to change colors continuously, but I'm tempted to try "intarsia" style knitting soon. I've been working (off and on ) on this cape for quite some time. I put it down to make a purse last week ( knitting with a little bit bigger than toothpicks needles). I finished a purse in one evening all but the i-cord strap.

Yarn in Waiting

Back to the cape. The picture is just a portion of the back. Two totally different sock yarns, the patterns are beautiful. This is a German washable wool - it is wonderful to work with. Love it. I have taxes to file, reports to file, a motorcycle event to plan, packing for a major event, and here I am blogging and knitting, shame on me - or some people really know how to relax.

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