So FLO - hope you can peek at this from up there!!

This sweet little sweater is about to go into the mail to our Granddaughter. It is a size 2, but once again, I think it's too big. The pockets turned out pretty cute, the buttons (picked out by Papaw) really finish it off, the hood, well, each little section that I added just kept making it a piece of art. I have done several "crafts" through the years, but I made it a personal goal last year to kick it up a notch and make it an art ... when I'm designing items like this I'll consider myself "arrived." This is Berrocco "Saige" if you're interested in the pattern.

It required 5 colors of self-striping sock yarn, one for the trim, one for each "wing" and one for each front/back panel, reversed for the hood. Too Fun.

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