I'll probably keep this one ... I say that about just about everything I make.

I found a great project - free pattern - on http://www.feltedhandbagsworkshop.com/ - grabbed some yarn I bought on clearance, Patons Merino Wool, and the left over yarn from Andrea's sweater, see blog post: She got it! at http://3knittingsisters.blogspot.com/2008/03/she-got-it.html

I used the wool yarn two strands throughout the pattern, and dropped one occasionally, to add the scraps of yarn from the sweater. I ended up with a pattern that worked for me...pictures to follow. Wonderfully simple on a circular needle, I used 13 because that's what I had, the item ended up being a little smaller than the PATTERN called for, but I felted it in the washer as recommended and it is so CLASSY (if I might say so myself, and I'm finding I MIGHT)!!

This is the knit project before felting.
A close up of the yarn "Mix"

Felted but the handles are not attached yet, it actually stands on it's own, a close up reveals the amazing blends of the two yarns.

Hmmm, this was too easy.

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