A Party Dress SIZE 2
The pattern is a series of YO before and after a K1, then the next row you Knit the increases and Pearl the others, you increase for the odd rows and Knt - Purl for the even row, and start again. On the second to the last row of the pattern you have to Knit 4 together TBL - through the back of the loops - this was an interesting new stitch for me, then Knit 4 together traditionally, that's what makes the little hills I call volcano-looking pattern. I only have two rows of the pattern left working from the bottom before I start working on the bodice of the little dress. This one I plan on designing a Doll dress to match. It is a light aqua, yet looks great with several bright colors because of TLC's color flecks throughout.
Love it??
If anyone is interested in the pattern or seing the end results, COMMENT PLEASE!!

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