I'm pathetic

This is the second time I've cried today. Anytime I think I'm getting this teary eyed stuff under control I get some info. that either breaks my heart or makes me so aware of my emotions and who made me the way I am.

The sweetest post on my daughter-in-law's blog about our 4th grandson, who is fighting his way out of the darkness he endured before adoption, and is pulling all of us into his world as he faces surgeries and procedures for cleft lip and pallatte ... the hardest part for all of us is that he doesn't communicate like a 5 year-old, and we all want to get into his head and help ... she had a tough day yesterday, and the mother instinct kicks in when that happens ... but I read further and she got encouragement ... well check it out:

Be sure to watch the video.

Then I got an email from her hubby (our son) about a project he's involved in ... from the heart. WOW. Makes a mom so proud.

THEN - I got an email from CaringBridge, about my brother-in-law - he's been fighting the battle of his life, for his life, with Pancreatic Cancer, and today 1st good news since December 11, 2007, he had a CLEAR, CLEAN scan. I'm so moved.

HOW does any of this have anything to do with knitting???

Well let me tell you that I've just shed tears over some major knit together human beings, I've made some of them gifts, some are in the works ... but each one of them mean so much to me that if one was removed for some reason, I might unravel, so knitting applies.

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Andrea said...

Thanx MIL --

Sorry I bailed on ya'll today. I was past exhausted from the day and could only think about closing my eyes for a bit.

Thanks for your help today!


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