Knitting while riding in a truck!

Dropping stitches is not my favorite incident, but picking them up again is becoming as common as U-turns when we travel on motorcycles.
I'm trying to make this Sassy Party Dress size 2 and the little lace pattern is complicated, so when the truck sways, or goes over those uneven lanes in road construction, sometimes I drop more than one stitch.
Kinda like life, dropped stitches. Gotta pick em up and go on, or undo several and re-do or give up. Can't give up, got another day on the horizon.


Andrea said...

Mammaw -

I can't wait for the dress.

Thank you!

um..it IS for me, right??@@@ haha

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is size 2 though, so you'll be growing into it. I'm hoping to have it done by next weekend, 'cause that's when we hope to be home to visit you. It comes with another surprise too though.



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