The BONUS - I didn't get the picture, oops!

I got a call - the dress was done, the babysitter cancelled, so I grabbed the dress, the gift bag and the bonus item and out the door we went, decorating the gift bags in the car. Never turn down an opportunity to babysit the 5 g-kids.

The BONUS that went with the dress was my first ever design. I downsized the Sassy Party Dress Size 2, for a 15" baby doll. IT WAS ADORABLE if I might say so myself, (and I do that often anymore. It's like knitting finally clicked for me, I've been knitting since I was sixteen so that's $%^@ years.)

Anyway, in my weakness, and the mad rush to show it to the baby girl, I didn't get pictures, oh well, it was a miniature of the pic below.


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