If you're ready to get started!!

The book I already own, is "Prayer Shawl Ministry - reaching those in need" sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. It is a book full of crochet and knit throws for the purpose of praying for someone the entire time you are making it.

If you cannot find the book let me know. Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby all three carry Lion Brand Yarn. My special request is that you buy the exact yarn it asks for and the exact needle. I used my first circular on AVEN's sweater and I loved it the learning curves was a Senior Moment, but I survived it. I've already started the stole on page 28. It's a little complciated to keep track if you 'll be interupted a lot, but I can show you a pic of what I've done so far, this is on hold till I finish - you know - ANDREA'S SWEATER. I knit for a while yesterday at the Super (Bowl) Gate - a Tail Gate event that we worked for Super Bowl. I wasn't going to knit, but I saw a young lady knitting, we talked some. She has only knitted sweaters, but sews clothing. I showed her my project and she realized it is something she wants to challenge herself to do. She loved the sweater. There's a skirt in the same pattern book I'm using for Andrea's sweater, and she and her friend really liked the skirt. (I thought it was kinda funky, but Russ thought Andrea would like it. - no, I'm not making it next - just commenting.)

GO SHOPPING - if you cannot get out to get this book let me know and I'll get it and send it to you, may have to sell them on my eBay account if I get a lot of requests!!

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littlesis said...

I cannot wait to see "Andrea's Sweater". I am so jealous that you can do that kind of knitting...someday, I want to be just like my big sis!

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