OK Panic Set In (FoF)

I actually have two sleeves to set into the sweater I'm making, and I'm having a mental block. Everytime I look at the sweater I think it's not going to turn out. This is it folks, this is how far I get when my FOF (Fear of Failure) attacks me like a bad head cold.

The sweater has been coming together like clock work. I believe I started it less than a month ago, and now it could be finished in a matter of hours. This is what I refer to as a Mountain in my character. Below - I mean at the very bottom of this BLOG is a picture of our son, Ken, climbing Capital Peak in Colorado, he has climbed several 14ers, and this one was done in the winter, obviously. I have a Haitian Proverb with the picture, "Beyond Mountain, More Mountain," this my friends is LIFE!!

I'm not totally frozen, just frosty on this project. This is where I dig deep into my spirit and remind myself it's just wool, spun into a great length and dyed for me to make something of use.

Only one other has died for me, and because of Him, I must make use of the life He gave me.

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