When you're looking you find amazing things!!

Today in line at the store - I mean a huge line, instead of getting an attitude about the wait, I noticed an awesome handwoven purse on the lady's shoulder in front of me. It was a deep burgandy, and denim blue, with giant buttons holding the shoulder strap to the bag. I had to ask if she made it. Undeniably YES!! She used a "Weavette" to make it. Evidently you weave strips with yarn about 6" wide, as long as you need them, then sew the strips into shapes, like purses!!

I feel a new craft coming on. Do you really appreciate yarn like I do? I know I sound a little whacky, but what an incredible way to chill, let down, relax ... making a useful item. Please let me know when you get your books, and we'll do some comparison shopping.

The middle sister.

Here's what happened. I was in line (another day this week - at Michaels) and I looked down and I saw a magazine called Simply Knitting - it is Britains Best Seller Magazine. WOW do they have beautiful patterns, contests, articles, and a wierd way of talkin' - like airplane is aeroplane. There's a cool article about the controversy over carrying your knitting needles, (Called pins) onto the aeroplane.

One lady asked what yarn she should use to make a "Bagpuss," I instantly thought WHAT???

With a bit of on-line research I found out what she's talking about. A British children's show in the 70's with the main character, Emily, and her magical cat, who wakes up and all the toys come alive ...

Just thought you might need a bit of trivia today mate!!

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Anonymous said...

Your website is awesome! I enjoy reading it so much. You are just an awesome writer. You should give up the knitting and write a book!??!!! Okay, okay, you can keep on knitting AND write a book! How's that?

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