This is a bold step!

My finished work. Not the best pics. But I'm not claiming to be a photographer.

This is about to go in the mail to our Daughter-in-Law ... Andrea, we call her super-mom, and what-a-wife, because she really is amazing. I would brag on the grandkids here, but this is about her. I gave Aven, our first Granddaughter, a sweater that I knit, for Christmas. Andrea said she wanted me to knit one for her. Aven's sweater was my first real piece of clothing. I gave Andrea some choices of patterns, she chose this one. This is my finished piece.

Does it look like the pattern??? Please say yes, or my FOF (see other posts) will take over!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Your sweater for Andrea is beautiful and I know she'll love it! I got the book yesterday and have been busy reading it. I cannot wait to start a shawl for someone special. I am thinking about a bridal shawl for Carissa. She is getting married in August and I'd love praying over every stitch of a shawl for her. She'd really appreciate it as she enters the next stage of her life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I absolutely love the book! And I KNOW Andrea will love her sweater...no more FOF! Littlesis

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