Wasted 5 minutes.

I was just going to blog a few minutes. Today at the Laundromat, yuk, one of the disadvantages of traveling, I met a sweet lady named Linda and her "trainee" Danielle. They were signing people up for AVON, which I'm very familiar with, but haven't ordered for a long time. They asked me about my knitting.

YEP, I was knitting at the landro. I'm on the 2nd sleeve of Andrea's sweater. My next step is sewing it zll together, then the TRIM in front on both sides and the COLLAR. It's really going faster than I imagined. And it's looking so good, if I might say so myself.

Now to the wasted 5. I just decided to listen to a CD of Hymns I received a while back. The theme is HOPE which so many around me NEED right now, so I was going to pop it in the player and give it a listen. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOU'VE OPENED A NEW CD? What's the deal with packaging??? It seems like at Christmas and birthday parties for the grandkids, we need at least one adult per child just to get the twist-ties, metal clips, permanent tape, ironclad plastic wrap, etc. off the toys...that's another topic.

I mean I couldn't figure it out ... broke a nail, had to find a sharp instrument - very dangerous for me. Now I'm listening to it as I write. It's sweet music to my ears, maybe not all 5 minutes were wasted.

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