It really is kind of neat living for a long period in a 29'x10' space as long as the weather is nice. Some of the advantages for me are that my little kitchen just takes a quarter turn from the sink to the fridge to the stove to the trash can, and it has a window (currently with a North Mountain view) and an eye level microwave. The hard part is owning an non-moveable home thousands of miles away. Every time I get started on a project, one of the items I need is across country ... thus the shopping trip. Today I was going to pick up a pattern or two to introduce to my sisters, and any others who want to join us for the knitting lessons scheduled to begin "WHEN ANDREA'S SWEATER IS COMPLETE." At the craft store I saw a book that is PERFECT. Then my feeble brain, excuse the senior moment, stood there thinking, 'I have this book already,' is it at home or with us in the camper? I didn't buy it and YEAH, it's in the camper ... you're going to love this one... more later.

I'm pretty excited - can you tell?

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For now I've added you two to an automatic notification when someone posts a comment to my blog. If this becomes a problem let me know. ALSO when you post here on COMMENTS, you will see it right away on this Post a Comment Page, becuase I turned monitor off for now. HOPE THIS HELPS.


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