What a fun project. I love the twill pattern on the strap. I saw it in my "how-to weave" book and gave it a try. It's so pretty.

I designed this purse from countless purses I've made. The request was for an Aqua Hobo Bag. I embellished with a woven strap and closure, adding a nice turquoise stone. The 2 1/2" rings attach the bag tabs to the bag straps. The woven strap was 4" wide but I chose to sew it under 5/8" on each side lengthwise to give it a little more sturdy shape. The bag is 100% merino wool in teal, held with 25% wool/75% acrilic sea spray. The acrylic didn't felt thus the knobby texture. If you look real close the bag appears to have a watermark as I used a bamboo yarn in Sea Spray really by mistake the colors were exact and the packaging was so close to identical and it was in the same bin as my acrylic wool blend, when it felted I got a darker section 2/3rds up the bag. Didn't even notice the difference in the weight of the yarn while working with it, but the benefit is amazing.

I'd be glad to share the pattern with anyone interested, a knit strap can be sewn to the bag just as easily as a woven one, I just love the mixed media.

Oh yeah!! It is sold.

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