A special Grandparenting Moment, and a few of my knit felt purses ... 2009 grand finale!

The anticipation! Just before pierced ears.

Listening to earring care instructions at the jewelry shop!

When this little lady, Aven Catherine Mundell, came into our lives, we really weren't sure what we were getting into. We had 4 grandsons at the time, and pretty much knew about boys. When her 4 brothers welcomed her into their family she was less than 1 year old, adopted from Guatemala. In just a few weeks she turns 3. We have watched her toddle through every stage of babyhood swinging her runway shoulders, dancing across rooms on her toes in tutus and admiring every piece of jewelry any person wears on any occasion. She grabs the doll hair brush to groom Papaw's beard. Aven has to have a pretty in her hair and is always dressed in frill, lace or at least pink. Only having two sons of our own, and 4 grandsons the transition has captivated us. Our daughter-in-law brought a new element to our family. Having another lady around sparked new creativity and softened the guy inspired decor of our home. Now Aven dances through our hearts causes everyone to pause. She's tender, but strong, sweet but decisive, and loving in a tender quiet way. Standing on the couch next to her Papaw talking him into Dora cartoons and sharing cashews or chips makes her day.

This year's birthdays for all grandkids was a planned adventure rather than gifts. She's still young enough we didn't think she would have a preference, but when we asked her what she wanted to do with Papaw and Mamaw for her birthday, she said she wanted to go to Applebees. (That's where the 7 year olds wanted to go after a day at bouncer town) She loves that word, Applebees. Then we were informed that she's been wanting her ears pierced, and that it would be a great adventure for the 3 of us. I'll admit I was very nervous - what if it hurts her - she'll hate us forever. I wasn't too sure about it, but she and Papaw were so excited. Of course all my fears were erased when she sat right down on the padded stool and listened to everything the piercing lady told us, let her mark purple dots where the earrings would go, picked out beautiful pink flowers off the card of choices, and folded her hands to wait. WOW!!

I'm the only one that cried. She was so cute, so brave, and very excited. A treasured memory for 2009. But I'm pretty emotional when it comes to milestones with my g-kids. (think I'm normal)


I'm currently making myself a sweater. I've never done that. We'll be in the truck a lot over the next few weeks, so I'm geared up for some straight knitting.

On a less glamorous note, my current count of purses this year was over 30. Many sold some were gifts, one entered into a contest, and lots of photos for future patterns. These two I finished for a Christmas order for a friend.

The order stated one in natural colors and one in black both medium size, my design. The picture doesn't do the green, brown tan one much justice. It has a long oval base, and woven strap and closure, with a great green striped stone.

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