Fibonacci Formula and Ending the International Year of Fiber

This was the International Year of Fiber - I didn't know that till well into the year, but I sure learned a lot about fiber this year, so it had some impact on me.

I'll have to admit I never heard of the formula until I took a weaving class, but now that I've been weaving (and I even apply it to my felting patterns I design), the Fibonacci Formula just makes the finished piece pleasing to the eye, and the patterns just fall into place.

Plus I'm logical in my thinking, if I cannot plan a piece, and know where I'm going with it - I often draw it out on graph paper with color pencils before I start, I use a yellow legal tablet to write out the pattern, I may not follow it, but I plan it...that said, the formula has changed my works. It has kicked it all up a few notches actually.

The formula is adding the previous solution to the new solution, 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,56, etc.

8+13=21, etc.

this piece started with 21 Black, then 13 Tan, then 5 Gray, then 8 Tan (2 21's and a 3 for the widest stripe in Black) on the warp face, then as I was weaving with black, the plaid came when I changed colors to match the stripes throughout the piece. Kinda nice when things work according to the plan. Yep, I'm being creative, but when straight lines are expected, it's nice to know how to use the formula.

A current project - ready to block.

My first scarf (made in weaving class using the formula)

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