All About Taking a Turn for the Worse!!

I'm trying to remember the disheartening feelings I experienced when my hubby started recovering from a horrible accident several years ago, then relapsed.

I'm trying to think if I would have taken up knitting, because I didn't allow myself any SELF time at that point, as I was at his side day and night, I mostly just sat there staring, hoping, wishing, praying, etc.

Now as I ask my two sisters to join me on this mission, not only making prayer shawls and praying as we make them, but I'm asking them to have their needles and yarn (pins and string in the U.K.) handy whenever life deals them some PAUSE time. I also ask those out in interKNITland, who are challenged with a seemingly insurmountable current event, to consider joining us. Didn't say it would be easy, and we promise not to leave you in the dust. We'll keep your pace as you tackle this mission.

When Life's Events Take A Turn For The Worse - Jump In And Do What You Do Best! Every good gift is from above. Don't Worry - Be Creative. (small bits of wisdom from the small brain)

LET'S KNIT (I'd like class to begin next Monday, March 10, 2008) THAT'S MY GOAL!!

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