Recycled Yarn Remnants

I really didn't think that much about it until I read an article in a recent knitting magazine about a person who collected (so to speak) other's yarn leftovers. I've given mine to my sister on occasion, not really having a plan for the leftovers. Now I'm wondering, is there a skein out there just for me to finish this project, or two or three in a bag in a closet - a project that never got started?

Recycle your yarn, find a Senior Center, Women's Shelter, Craft Group, H.S. club, etc to donate the stuff to. If you see yarn at a yard sale, get it and donate it, or find a way to trade it. I did a search on-line and there are hundreds of ideas about how to recycle it. I just hate to see yarn go to waste.

I have some sweet unfinished projects of Flo's, my mother-in-law who passed last July, and I've left the crochet needle in one of the items, and displayed the unfinished work in my china cabinet. She's a treasured friend, and I really miss her our first Easter without her. So - one's unfinished project is another's treasure!! No Doubt!!

Forget to post this picture earlier. This is the 2006 Christmas present I made for our d-i-l, Andrea. This was the ultimate panic attack. When it was finished, to the stitch, it looked horrible, then (after crying) I decided to look in an old needlework book and read about blocking, WALLA!! It was almost as beautiful as this picture, and she really liked it. Made with Caron Simply Soft Shadows.

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