I just found out there is a name for what we are doing at 3 knitting sisters.

It's called a "Knit-a-Long," where everyone who's knitting is knitting the same project at the same time. Now granted this is quite a feat - the miles between us, the opportunity to talk on the phone limited by various circumstances, and the skill levels ... but at least we have a name for what we're doing. That is half the battle in our culture.

It's like "power-shopping", who knew there was a name for serious shopping, thought it was natural, but there are requirements. Basically, you're going after several things at once, and your time is limited, but all time will be ignored if you land on bargains, especially if the bargains fall into one or more of the categories for which the purpose of the "power shopping" adventure began in the first place. (My definition.)

Or it reminds me of "conference calls," where everyone dials in to the same number. Each knows the purpose of the call, but each comes with their own agenda. How do you accomplish the end when the means takes so many curves and turns and detours. Remember empty phone lines in the 60's where we would all dial in at the same time? What did we call those?

Then again there is the "business meeting," where everyone arrives on-time, usually has a hint what their role will be, but comes unprepared, knowing the meeting monitor will never get around to the point of the meeting because of others who are unprepared, therefore the meeting continues a little beyond it's scheduled time, then ends up being rescheduled to accomplish its orginal purpose...is our Knit-a-Long under this kind of pressure?


I remember "home parties" when we were buying toys, or kitchen items, or jewelry, people still do that. But does everyone who RSVP's (do people RSVP anymore?) show up for the party? NO, so who comes to "Knit-a-Long" parties? Anyone who wants to spend less than $20.00 on a pattern some yarn and some needles ... get on-line find people who are learning, or teaching and...


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