For A GOOD Reason

Starting a Blog about knitting, challenging my sisters to do a knitting project, in their imaginary free time, it's all for a good reason. You see one of my sisters has a very disappointing job and struggles with major decisions that she has to make about the work situation, the time left in the day, the people she loves, including me! I in my selfish motives would like spending time with her for a change, so I invited her to do this project with me.

The other sister has a major step of faith - let's call it a GIANT step - with her hubbies current health condition. Believing in her own abilities to care for him, finding space to pause and re-think her beliefs in this trying time, and just plain doing something for herself other than breathe ... it's not easy right now. And I'm pouring out my heart here because I've never been where she is, neither has my other sister, some of you may be there or know what I'm talking about but I say all this to say...

Tomorrow we aren't starting knitting classes, because her front door only gets opened when something, from someone, directed by some great unknown (who we all really know), stops by and lays an offering (be it a meal, a gift, a sweet surprise, etc.) on her beautiful porch. The back door gets opened out to the garage when she escorts her hubby to treatments, or rushes out to a grocery or restaurant for a craved meal when he's improving and hungry. NO - we won't start until she receives her pins and string, (yarn and needles).

They'll be posted and on their way Monday March 10th. When I talked to her today and offered to do her shopping for her 1400 miles away and get the mailman to do the porch delivery she was so honored.

One day this week we'll start Cast On 63, k1 *p1 k1 using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, k row 2, and repeat from * until the piece is 20" by 60" and we'll all three have prayer shawls to give to whomever ... praying over each stitch.

Can you feel the love?

Trust me - I want to teach knitting to my sisters, one who already knows how but never does cannot even leave her house right now, because she wants to be at his side, listening to him when he rests, sharing with him when he's strong, and holding his head in her lap when any time he wishes. Being in the middle of the treatments is an awkward place because he knows how they work, knows what to expect, yet, gets blindsighted by something new each time...if there was some guarantee he'd feel less stressed. Is there a miracle on the other side of this stuff? We're BANKING ON IT!!

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