About Time, Watches, Cell Phones, Clocks, Alarms

It is about time. I'm Ready To Get Started. Time is the ELEMENT that helps or hurts. What I do with my free time, knit-purl-knit-purl, actually has material rewards - the finished product.

I just had a conversation with a friend who lives on the Navajo Reservation. We were discussing an upcoming motorcycle event, and the Navajo Nation is planning some special ceremonies. The scheduling of this event is tricky, because of the culture clash that occurs when we try to synchronize our clocks between cultures. My friend concluded the in their world they start their day and end events by sunrise and end by sunset, others go by an alarm, cell phone, watch, clock, scenario. I've been thinking about this all day.

I stopped wearing a watch when I quit working an 8-5 office job (that was never 8-5). I quit setting an alarm about the same time. But I cannot get a clock out of my head. I can guess the current time within 10 or 15 minutes about anytime of day - I must be more native than I thought - ever notice how much time slows down when you schedule is rudely interupted by life's tragedies? One of my LONGEST DAYS (actually both were equally long) my hubby's parents' funerals. The slowest the clock ever moved - two labor days (giving birth that is). The slowest waiting game? Hubby returning from overseas during the war. A recent slow down, the return of all the grandkids and our son and daughter-in-law from a delayed adoption process out of the country ... 6 to 8 weeks turned into 103 days.

Just a mind bender. By the way - who divided time into years, days, hours, minutes anywho?

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