Update on TKGA Masters Level I - tearing out my knitted swatches ...


I'm not perfect, here is my new mantra, "I am not perfect."

If so, then why.

Why can't I accept my non-perfect self and just knit a 4 x 4 inch square and be done with it, put it in a top-loading page protector, put it in the notebook, type the answers to the question with references and stick the lesson in the mail????  Why does it have to be perfect to move on to lesson two of Level I.

I knit it, I see stitches that aren't perfect, I tear it out, I knit it, ... you know the rest.

I've knit sweaters, purses, scarves, hats, blankets, gifts, household items, etc.  Why can't I knit a 4 " square?

Now, I did discover one of my HUGE errors while knitting, but fixing it is totally impossible.

I cast on a row of stitches, like I always have done - years and years, I knit a ribbing row, for the first few rows - a little more methodically than I've done for the same length of time, then it happens, I look at my second stitch - just the second stitch, no the 1st - not the 3rd - and randomly sometimes the 8th or 12th or 16th but mostly the 2nd stitch.  What the hey!!  What am I doing wrong.

That vertical row on the right side is just WRONG!!  I think I figured it out - going to experiment.

OK this knitting a swatch for a test thing is causing me to do research and read and web browsing and nailing down back issues of magazine articles and dusting off old knitting books and a quick trip to the library.  If this ends up interrupting my free-spirit knitting self, I may call the money I spent a business investment loss and quit before I begin.  Herein lies the problem ... I want it to be perfect and will settle for nothing less, because of this, I press on.  I stopped for awhile to begin dressing my loom, maybe some weaving on my loom will help me go back to knitting a 4" square without the big stitches on the second stitch - every single row!!

I'm a knitter - not a photographer!


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