My Fiber Nook & Cranny

OK so there was a lot of wheelin' and dealin' going on to get this space eeked out for my fiber use.  I wanted a place that I could weave and look out a window, look at a shelf with all my yarns in baskets and look at a display of finished items.  My view as I weave was important.  I also needed enough room for my Navajo Weaving Loom to be displayed, even if I never use it again, I wanted to keep it and have it handy.

Navajo Loom back right.  Harrisville Treadle Loom foreground

Behind the loom is a two shelf unit with baskets of yarn here's a better close-up pic -

On top of this shelf unit are some gifts I've received through the years.  The stand-up wooden box with a handle my dad made in his wood shop many moons ago, I've stored some of my pattern books in this piece.  My shuttle, spools and a couple of combs for weaving are standing in the other side of the unit.  The drop spindle on the left and the small piece of wool roving is from Guatemala from my d-i-l when she adopted our granddaughter.  The leather zip closed case is my mother-in-law's crochet needles I acquired when she died nearly 3 years ago.  And a sweet needle case from my d-i-l at Christmas last year.  The basket on the floor was a gift from my mother-in-law many years ago.  It was full of twine and cord from when I used to do a lot of macrame'.

I knew that I would have to share this space with something that already existed in our living area, but wasn't too concerned with what area it was, necessarily.  Well, the office ended up moving into the closet.  Really it has it's own little nook, a drop leave table with a folding desk chair, a little stand for the printer that sits to the back of the table, a two drawer matching file cabinet in my Fiber Nook, but it matches the light oak of my loom and allows me some eye level display footprint for my needles, and some small books with bookends.

The office space has reduced in priority over the years.  The laptop is in the living room more than the office anyway, and the printer is only used occasionally.  So the closet is perfect, with both doors shut, you'd never know it was an office in there.

In the Fiber Nook, the only remaining reminder of an office is the mile high bookshelf.

But the compromise here is one side is books, and the other is my display area for finished items, works in progress, specialty yarns, and a few knitting and weaving books.

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