Noni patterns, Savage Maryland

I was searching for a touristy place to meet our friends, half-way between Washington DC and Falling Waters, WV, when I came upon a Weaving Mill that was restored to a specialty shopping center with restaurants, unique shops and best of all a Noni shop with yarns, patterns and knit felt items from the patterns.

We made the arrangements to meet, but found the shops to be closed ... even though the web page had the advertised as open.  But there were windows in the Noni shop and I saw first hand many of the items that I've only seen in photos in yarn shops.  I so wanted to look inside each knit felted bag, and examine the huge felted flowers, and embellishments, but that wasn't possible this trip.

The 45 minute trip back to DC took over 2 hours, but we were in a borrowed vehicle - rather than on the bikes, so the scorching heat wasn't the issue it would've been on motorcycles.  Here are a few links to Noni bags, and the link to Savage Mill

Noni Bags and Patterns

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