OK So I started the TKGA Masters Hand Knitting Level 1

It is a pretty involved course.  You don't just knit a 4" square and send it in for evaluation.

First off, finding needles that I'm comfortable with and that meet the gauge "tension" that they're looking for has been tricky.  Didn't know there were so many varieties.  My current blog picture is one of my older needles that I used to learn knitting.  Some of them are over 50 years old.  Some were used for baby items for my babies.  A few were gifts when I started knitting, some are the modern plastic kind that I HATE!!

There are two other containers of needles, circular, and shorter, lots of wooden needles, which I LOVE!

The first lesson is a swatch that starts with ribbing, increases and goes into garter stitch.  Now the ribbing I've done hundreds of times, but never paid this much attention to detail.  I mean to the point that I'm on my third try, 2nd size needles and I may be over reacting to the instructions.  I hope to relax and just knit the test swatch and get on with it - what are my chances?

I'll probably be referring to my journey to the Masters a lot here, why not, it's been 3 days and it's already a huge challenge.  I got the material, looked at my "craft" room and supplies, and freaked.  How can I take a Knitting Masters Level 1 course in this mess.  Thus 3 days of cleaning and reorganize before I could get cozy in my chair to knit.  Then I re-read the instructions and realized I have questions to answer - in writing, and research to do as I go.  It isn't just knitting - (really I knew that beforehand I was just in denial!)

So why do I add this level of stress to my life at this moment in time?  I really have to keep challenging myself to learn new things and improve what I know or, I could admit myself into a rest home and forget it ...

gotta go

gotta knit (and write and study)

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yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

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