If God Needs Hard Working Angels ...

If God needs hard-working Angels to help him organize the masses when things like Haiti Earthquake Disasters happen, I could almost justify losing Nona from our realm to His.

(I honestly do not know how I feel about angels, I don't know if they are real, I'm not sure we get our wings or bells ring in Heaven when we die, or if we turn into the hubby's kind of Warrior Angel and go to war up there, but I do know Heaven got a super hero when Nona left us - and our world is not the same.)

She was one of those ladies that simply could not say no to a need.

If it was a pair of miss matched socks it went into the bag for Haiti. She didn't correct the young Haitian men when they pulled new purple t-shirts from the donations bags and instantly put them on. She just noted that they had no idea the saying, "Purity Seminar" and the pink flowers were meant for girls. It was clothing to them.

If the vegetable can was dented, but didn't reek when opened it was served to the masses. Canned bacon fried up in the mornings with handmade biscuits, and bottled coke doled out on about the 5th or 6th day of a mission trip after enduring the horrific heat and dirt of an organized trip to the Mission, she cared for the volunteers and Haitians alike.

Traversing mountains and rivers were all in a days labor as she mentally prepared for the next day, the next meal, the next team, all while managing 3 kids, a focused, driven husband and their eager followers across the rugged terrain of Missions Work.

So, is she organizing you up there, God? My guess is, since there are no tears in heaven, she's busy, she's served all the Haiti earthquake victims their Heavenly Banquet and now they are sorted out by their talents, they've polished streets of gold, helped set the banqueting table and she's started cooking classes for that wonderful Supper in the Sky that we'll all enjoy in Jesus presence when we join Him, and Nona!

Questions for Nona:

Have you met my brother-in-law Norman, yet. He came about a year after you. He is so missed, he's the guy with the amazing smile.

Your sweet granddaughter came your way this year - it was very sad here, but we knew she was with God (and with you).

I miss you girl, and I know your sweet family and many people who knew you have wonderful memories to hang onto till we're reunited. Do you go to the Pearly Gates each day to greet new arrivals, or stay in the kitchen, or do you have a new comfort zone?


Haiti Mission
My Tribute to Nona Last Year

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