That kind of sums up winter.

I designed and wove this s

(Hanging from a limb below - and folded to the left)

My loom wasn't used a lot this winter, this
piece I drew out on graph paper and started it over 4 times. It is 11.5" wide and 63" long with long fringe, it drapes, it is out of sock yarn and it just flows over the shoulders. It was really fun to design and weave.

As we work our way back East, leaving Arizona, I did a little review of the ministry opportunities we had this winter for our next newsletter. Riding in the mountains last week on my motorcycle, I was reminded of the winter 4 years ago, same ride, same route, same group of people, Arizona Bike Week, but the weather was extremely different.

Not only was there snow on the ground that year, but it started spitting snow while we were on the 3rd leg of a five part ride near Flagstaff. In other words we had ridden as far from the starting and/or ending point as we would be all day, and now it's snowing, we're in the mountains, and we're all on motorcycles. We're not dressed for it, and NO ONE is happy about the turn of events.

After warming up a little at the lunch stop and taking a potty break, we were about to leave the establishment that provided the break for us, when I noticed a lady crying. I had seen her on her bike earlier, and in the parking lot as we parked, she was riding her own bike.

I told the hubby I'd be right out, and approached the couple. I asked her if she was OK, and she said she was freezing and this was her first long ride on her own motorcycle and that she had to ride it back because that was her only transportation home. We talked a few minutes, and some of us offered her more clothing - the man she was with even offered to take her home on his bike and come back to get it another day. She considered that offer, then I suggested that I could pray for her, and she was honored that I would offer, and her friend said, "please do." So, I asked God to give her the wisdom to decide what to do, and that if she chose to ride to give her the courage and protection she needed to arrive safely. She stood and hugged me and he shook my hand, and we were on our way down-hill in the spitting snow.

Some friends of ours weren't ready to leave when we were, and they left after this lady, so they had the opportunity to check up on her down the road. They told me later that they passed her - she was taking it pretty easy on the downhill, but by the time she headed out of the mountains on her motorcycle the Sun was shining and they said it looked like she was pretty content with her decision to finish the ride herself.

I love encouraging people. This blog is supposed to be about encouraging, 1st my sisters, and then of course the general public who happen by here. If I'm aware of my surroundings and stop to encourage someone else everyday, then I end up being pretty positive as a result ... good stuff.

Well here is s brief picture summary of my winter projects.
In the heat of Arizona it is really weird knitting with wool and weaving winter clothing items, but I love knitting and weaving with wool, no matter where I am or what the weather.

The creamy turquoise with a touch of mauve scarf is part mohair and the fuzzy yarn gives it some texture as the colors blend. I used the same yarn on the loom for the warp thread as the yarn I used to weave (weft). So there are occasional blends of plaid, very subtle.

These wrist warmers are a quick knit out of some bulky wool - a Christmas give from our d-i-l. I've made a lot of articles out of my Christmas YARN - so much fun to have a variety of specialty yarns I would never buy for myself - a real treat!

This little purse was an experiment in off-white wool knitting. I simply knit from the base up, added a strap and flap, then dyed it in Kool-Aid. Tie-dyed at that. Turned out pretty cute - pretty small, but I know a little girl who can wear it across her shoulder!!


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